Monday, October 11

Cycling Log: Week of 10/11

In the cycling season, which in the Midwest, runs from April through September this is a "slow" time of the year. For me, my season ended about 4 weeks ago. I did my last race, and "hung up my helmet". Coaches all seem to advise taking a little time off to re-energize and rest your body for the next season. However, the off-season is short. For me, just 4 weeks. Now, I'm back in action. For Lance, I've heard that his off-season training starts, right about when we find out who will lead our great nation for the next 4 years.

I'm currently going to be doing 4 weeks of pre-season "re-acquaintance" for my body with the stresses of training after our time off. The other part of training is back for me, the weight room. For most of the active season, I'm only in the weight room once a week. The last month of the season, it dwindled to none. Now, I'm back. Oddly enough, this time of the year is the only 4 weeks in which I do the exercise everyone else in the weight room seems to do all the time, the bench press. Now, for a cyclist the bench press gets a little embarrassing. My legs and back are fine, but boy oh boy, not having done any upper body work since 1987 really shows. The embarrasing part is doing bench presses with 95lbs when the rest of the gym gorillas are pressing over 200 (and many press much more than that). Now, I understand, you aren't supposed to feel self-conscious about your lifting abilities in comparison to others. It's just that, in my chosen sport (which isn't weight lifting), I'm ok. But upper body strength (or at least mass) is a disadvantage in my sport. So, I console myself with the thought that weight training isn't my chosen sport, and on my playground, in a contest with these guys, I'd rule.

For the European pro's, only one World Cup race remains, and El Grillo (the Cricket), Bettini is leading Rebellin. My money, would be on Bettini.

The only other stuff happening in this season, is the team lining up sponsors and equipment for the next year. Which involves, convincing Mrs. Pseudo-Polymath, that I really need to spend money on this or that, after cycling isn't just about fitness, it's also about technology.

Blogging about cycling will be a little sparse during the off-season. I'll probably just blog when a new training block starts, report on how the last one went, and what's coming up for me. During the season, I'll try to put out a detailed race report (possibly before) but definitely after each race.

Update: 10/12 --- Well I certainly didn't ease into it, I'm now very stiff. Glutes and quads. I never seem to learn.