Friday, February 18

Towards a Christian Theory of Government

This blog post is a linkfest/collection of my essays on this subject. I'm going to put a link to it on my sidebar and keep updating as I continue to add essays to this "project". The current list of scriptural-based moral rights is:
  1. A right to worship my God, or freedom of religion.
  2. A right to raise my family in a righteous manner
  3. A right not to be killed
  4. A right to property
  5. A right to a fair system of jurisprudence.
  6. A right to charity
  7. And sexual freedom is not a right.

  • An early essay on a related topic is here.
  • The post that started me off is here. In this I derive my methodology for extracting ethical rights from Scripture.
  • I continue with the project here, starting to come up with my list of moral rights.
  • Finally the list comes out here.
  • Continuing in that vein, here.
  • I consider that list of rights and how it might affect employer/employee relations here.
  • Reload ... I need to take stock and reset my direction on this as the previous post left showed setting more groundwork is needed.
  • A few differences noted between the set of rights I envision and those framed in the Declaration of Independence.
  • Added (2/21) again restating and clarifying the original purpose.
  • Freedom of Speech? In a word, yes.