Tuesday, October 5


The biggest deception of this campaign perpetrated by Kerry, the DNC, and their advertising committee the MSM is that he is "nuanced". Kerry has had exactly one position on all the issues for the last 30 years. Kerry's polestar position from which you can derive all his positions on any issue is merely that he wants to be President.

He will charge the VC. He will court treason in Paris. He will dishearten and disparage the POWs. He will vote for abortion (while personally believing in life after conception). He will hearten our enemies. He will weaken our alliances. He will insult and disparage our soldiers in the GWOT. He will raise spending. He will raise taxes. He will be against the war. He will be for the war. It is all not a lie. It is not a nuance. He will do and say anything it takes to be elected. He will say whatever he understands at that time of that we the public (and more imediately the audience in front of him) might want to hear in order to strengthen his position and be elected.

He hopes that he will fool us the electorate long enough to be elected. What will he do then? Well, he will do whatever it takes..... to be re-elected. If re-elected, then ..... he will be a loose cannon. He will retreat to the habits that got elected.

There are of course, tell-tale signs that betray some of his true beliefs. There was the "Bunker-Buster" gaffe in the debate. There he showed his long standing "religious" anti-nuclear stance. There is evidence that he firmly believes that the US spends far too much on military technology. But he will betray these for the time being if it will help in his root cause..... getting to the oval office.