Thursday, November 18

Comments on the Unbelievers Opinions about God

I just had a few thoughts for the "reality-based" crew out there who feels the existence of God is so unbelievable.

Two main "memes" drive this thought pattern. The non-existence of "concrete" proof of the existence of the Creator, i.e. God and the unlikelihood of God being born a man, i.e., Christ.

The secular humanist feels it is superstitious to believe in a God. How then,
  • When he sees a beautiful sunset, mountain vista, or any one of a million amazing things in the world can he be so sure that a Creator is an impossibility.

  • How is it when he feels moved by beauty, music, or art that he is convinced that his aesthetic sensibilities are an evolved facet of his being, not inspired by a Creator. That such a notion is just beyond any sort of rational thought.

  • Take Water, how many things fit just right for this wonderful chemical so that we can exist. For that matter take all the many odd things that fit together to make our world. Perhaps God did say, "it is good", eh? And by "Good", meant it fit together like a incredibly cool puzzle or the snazziest machine ever beheld.

Now a common response of the secular humanist is to reply that it is just too absurd to believe that God (that powerful creator) bothered to communicate to an atavistic tribe of nomadic herders in the Middle East, or that he would have come in the manner that Christ did.
Again, this so many other wonderful odd things we find when we study God's Creation. For instance,

  • Take this years Physics Nobel winners. Who would have thought Asymptotic Freedom was a probable of nature,

  • Take quantum mechanics in general for that matter.

  • Take the "standard model". If that isn't odd, I don't know what odd means anymore.

Anyway, the point that having granted the possibility of God's existence, why do you insist on him making himself known in "probable" or "reasonable" fashion, when his Creation is so improbably and unreasonably surprising in how it put together.