Thursday, December 16

Advent Devotions: Week 3 Thursday

Readings given for today: Isaiah 9:18-10:4, Psalm 50, and Matthew 3:1-12

Have you ever wished a story would have a different ending? What if the next show you watched didn't end, it just stopped working 15 minutes before the end of the film, leaving you hanging. Then you had to wait, and wait, and wait for a replacement. Or have you ever read a book, only to find out it was just the first of a series, and the next book hasn't been written yet? Do you ever imagine how the movie will end?

That's how the people of Judea felt. They knew the story of how God created the world, how Adam and Eve had sinned, and then how God had told them how the world was going to be fixed through the convent he made with Abraham. He led them out of Egypt. But now, the story was kind of stuck. They didn't know how the story was going to come out. They were suffering under Romans rule. They were waiting. Then John the Baptist came out of the desert. He told them, your waiting is over. It is no wonder that the crowds of people flocked out to see him, is it?

But we know what came next don't we? That's why we are Christian, for Jesus Christ came. He came and wrote the rest of that story. He wrote and ending nobody had expected.

Let us pray:

Jesus, Please let your Spirit fill our hearts and minds with the understanding of how you wrote the end to the story for the people of Judah so many years ago.