Tuesday, December 28

It's not done

I've got an essay I've been working off an on for almost a week during this vacation. I had a few more ideas for it, but I'm on the run a little bit here on vacation so I'm going to let it slip another day. I'll just offer a few quick pointers on how my day went, don't click more, if you don't want to read about that.

  • We got a late start. Nice breakfast here at the Courtyard in Rockville MD
  • We had astronomically bad luck on the Metro (trains) getting into to the Mall. Our first train had to stop twice, then back up because the train ahead of it had failed (and was stuck on the track).
  • Then the 2nd train we switched to, had engine control problems and we had to detrain
  • At that point, the trip had taken far longer than some of us anticipated, so we left the train and walked 1/2 mile away from the station in search of restrooms
  • Finally, back in motion, we got to the museums, not at 10-11am, but more like 12:45pm.
  • On today's museum menu: Natural History and American Heritage.
  • After a little time, we realized one parent per child worked a lot better (with schedule rendezvous times) than trying to keep the whole clan together.
  • We could spend more than a day in each museum, but since we only have 2 1/2 days, we're doing a little smash and grab, picking and choosing what we see.
  • Tomorrow, we hit the new Native American museum and Air and Space.