Wednesday, January 5

Story, Symbol, Praxis and Question: The Right

And now to continue with Story, et al for the Right. I refer you back to the first part of this post (here). If you haven't read that, please do. It will let you know a little more about what is going on.

Stories are told by the right:
  • Human life begins at conception
  • America is a shining beacon for the world. As much as possible, we are just, fair, and humane.
  • Success and money are things to strive for
  • Corporations are not per se evil. Some people are evil.
  • Personal responsibility is important.
  • Traditional religious beliefs are a big part of the glue that holds our society together
  • Results count for more than intentions
  • America is a great nation. Americans have the will and ability to overcome any obstacle
  • The government is the worst way to solve a problem
  • The rich are getting richer. The poor are getting richer. This is good.
  • Life isn't fair. The deck is stacked, tough. But if you don't play you can't win.
  • Increased taxation hurts the economy, ultimately reducing government revenue (as well as everybody else's).

As for Symbols and praxis, symbols of our nation and its representatives deserve and get our respect and devotion. For an example of this, one might compare how the police were treated by the respective convention attendees this last summer. The right sees police as people doing a hard job, deserving our respect. The Dems tend more to see the police in a post 60's/70's light, as the "pigs" or opposition and treated them as such.

And finally the questions:
  • Who are we? We are inheritors of the Greatest nation in the world. Perhaps the greatest in history. Our faith and the puritan work ethic have gotten us where we are.
  • What time is it? We are living a time of testing. Pagan moral influences in our nation and the Islamofascist abroad confront us.
  • What is wrong? The church is fractured and waning. The nation is Slouching for Gomorrah
  • What is the solution? We must confront the "loyal" opposition at home and be steadfast.

Ok, so now the exercise is past the first stage. Next we need to analyze how we can use what we have established. I may have given the "right" a little shorter shrift, but for myself, I have less trouble grokking their views. Again, I welcome any comments.