Sunday, February 20

On Evil: A First Essay

I'm going to start a series on this topic. I am prompted by the series of essays I did for the Challenge series, there both by questions I posed about the existence of diseases like Parkinsons (Awakenings) and direct (befuddled) reasonings of Mr Smith in Atheism. Also, in the wake of the Boxer Day Tsunami, I had written an abortive post on that topic and want to correct that lapse. Alas, what I haven't done as yet, is go to the three "primary" sources for this essay which I have chosen, Aquinas On Evil, CS Lewis The Problem of Pain, and the book of Job from the Old Testament. I did have one thought this afternoon, which I'd like to share.

Human Evil and natural disasters exist in this world. Atheists have cited this as proof of either the lack of omnipotence or benevolence of God. That to me seems naive. If God acceded to the naive request of these Atheists, what we wonder would ensue? Voila, we'd be transported to teletubbyland, a nerf/smurf world lacking danger (an perhaps wonder and mystery) and moral choice. Is this one might wonder, truly what the Atheist requires God provide in order that God be proven to be benevolent and omnipotent. Given that, our atheist would be praying (?!) quickly for release from that padded cell. You'd think God would see that just as clearly. It seems to me disingenuous for the atheist to complain so heartily about the injustice, evil, and danger of the world when if it was removed he would complain just the same.