Thursday, February 17

Visiting: Mentor Mark Memoirs

Today's visiting feature takes us to Mentor Mark Memoirs brought to us an anonymous blogger who goes by MMM. The motto for this blog is Running thoughts from what is referred to as a "very scary place" it's a "horrible thing to waste"...yes, I talking about my mind! Some recent essays which caught my eye include:
  • PAUL Mc or Apostle After the superbowl halftime performance, MMM asks why we put Sir Paul on the pedestal and we tend to neglect St Paul.
  • LIFE lessons from Phantom of the Opera From the phantom, MMM extracts this lesson,
    Simply put...You need to live LIFE in front of people for them to realize the emotion, story, passion and power of what GOD has done in your life.
  • CHILDlike VS CHILDish MMM reminds us that these two words of Paul's are somewhat confused these days.