Tuesday, October 5

Concerning Global Tests

Senator Kerry "clarified" his global test remarks in Thursday's debate yesterday:

"The test I was talking about is a test of legitimacy — not just in the globe, but elsewhere" - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics (emphasis mine).

Now elsewhere,, as has been pointed out (e.g., Best of the Web- OpinionJournal.com) the "elsewhere" comment might refer to space aliens, ET, or perhaps divine or demonic entities.

However, I think elsewhere has epistemological origins. Here our overly-intellectual candidate is sending secret coded messages to his supportes that he, like Plato before him, is an Idealist. All Rationalists, Phenomenlogists, Empiricists, and everyone who thinks epistemology might be the study of bugs or maybe fish should vote for the other guy.

(thanks to Wikipedia)