Friday, October 29

The Electoral College, Liberte, Fraternite & Egalite, and Buckets of Blood.

Four years ago, after the election process had wound itself out just like many other post Presidential election years, people grouse about the damn Electoral College and why it isn't replaced by a "popular vote" elective process.

Because the founding fathers were smarter than those numbskulls who think they now better about how government should be designed.

What they also forgot is what happened the last time a government decided to let popular rule take over. That would be France, circa 1796. Commonly known as the "terror".

Do you think the election mess in Florida would have been averted by a popular vote. First, neither Gore, nor Bush, campaigned trying to win the popular vote. If you observe the patterns of our candidates today, they are spending all their time in the "swing" states. Do you think that "might" have happened four years ago. My how memories are short. And if the popular vote was close, just think the legal squabbles confined to Florida would erupt to every precinct in the land. People would get even more hot headed. And in short order.... "buckets of blood" as occurred in France would get repeated here.

If anyone suggests in your hearing that the electoral college should be gotten rid of, I suggest you pull out your well worn copy of the Federalist Papers and cuff them sharply.