Tuesday, October 26

Honesty and Kerry

We hear Kerry's campaign is preparing an ad campaign about the missing RDX/HDX cache in Iraq. Alas, his accusation is baseless and discounted by ABC (Correction: NBC) embeds who were on site when the US armed forces first went into the cache. It was already empty. According to Kerry then, it is Bush's fault that Saddam moved the cache prior to the invasion, as if Saddam were a GOP representative overseas or something. On the heels of the Bush "October surprise" which was confronting a memory of Kerry's of a meeting with the complete UN Security counsel that had taken place in January and had been "seared" into his memory. This meeting it turns out was not the complete security council as claimed. Apparently either Kerry is not as honest as he would lead us to believe or his memory is dangerously leaky. Actually the truth of the UN matter is more likely that for Kerry, the "little countries" that might have been part of council and were not present, don't matter. This in itself is not an ringing endorsement of a man who faults his opponent for poor diplomacy.

The kicker however is that Kerry, the man whose campaign is largely based on the claim that his opponent is dishonest, is himself dishonest. Now it may be that the Swift Vets are right, and Kerry has been a dishonest shill his whole life. In which case, his "Bush lies" claims are camouflage intended to avert attention from his own duplicity. After all, failing on the attack is preferable to failing on defense. But, at any rate the moral high ground so precious in the minds of the left is yet again lost. Someday the lefties will concede that vaunted position and join the rest of the fallen human race in the muck. Until then, they reside in the muck and just pretend to live "elsewhere".