Tuesday, October 12

Where's the beef?

Not to throw a fox into the henhouse, but the President doesn't have the power to declare war. He can recommend it, but that power is reserved for Congress. So, therefore Kerry/Edwards and their apologists should be pointing the blame at themselves and not the Administration for that one. After all, they were Senators at the time. It was up to them to persuade their colleagues )with their "20/20 hindsight perhaps) of a better strategy. They didn't now did they?

Now, it is not in the President's character to shift blame, unlike Mr (He pushed me) Kerry. So, Bush is not claiming that the War is the fault of Congress. But, the point still does not seem to have struck home, that Congress equally shares the "blame" for the War.

And as wars go, historically speaking, it's not a quagmire yet. In fact, I doubt you could find a war we've engaged in before with casualty/staffing ratios as low. Or a modern war with a little collateral damage for that matter.

As for being "stubborn" and not giving up. Well, many of us think that's the right move. I understand many on the left disagree. But, that's why we hold elections. However, even Kerry is wise enough to realize that leaving precipitously would be wrong. So then if that's true, why is steadfastly holding your course such a bad idea? I think the visceral animus against Bush is preventing the left from making any sense.