Tuesday, November 2

Holding Back

Well, I'm done with work for the day. I've eaten. I'm checked into my hotel (I'm on the road today). And I'm going to limit myself to one political blog on election day. After all, we are all weary of this election. I'm switching between cable "Fox News" and NBC (with the hopes of catching the Powerline blogger).

It's still early to call here. All the experts haven't stopped to pull off their "I'm campaigning" hats.

Gack. Early results show no deviations from expectations. The states that were to be hard to call, are hard to call. The South voted as expected. The northeast as well. Susan Estrich (on Fox) has an extremely annoying twang to her voice.

I'm going go setup my bike and ride for an hour. I'll return with one update, then read a book or work on an essay for the blog.

Update: I'm back. Riding to election results is not the most exiting thing to do. I watched some innumerate fellow on NBC reciting counts comparing counties results to 4 years ago. He seems to not be taking larger turnounts into effect at all.

Nothing yet has broken different than last time. Is that good for the good guys? We shall see.