Friday, November 19

Unreasonable Christians

This post owes much to Mr Chesterton's Orthodoxy, which a co-worker lent me last winter. I'm drawing this from memory, so I'm also going to apologize in advance.
Christianity and Christians are completely unreasonable. Just notice that at the same time,
  • We are accused of being too pacifistic and being war mongers.

  • That Christ was a "great philosopher" for his teaching and "completely loony" for claiming he was the Son of God.

  • Are against scientific inquiry and promote understanding of the Univsers

  • God as Creator of all wouldn't care about humans but why hasn't God done a better job of making himself known to us humans.

and so on (read Chesterton's book, I don't do his discussions any justice).

Anyhow, I'm going to try to address one more "complaint" against the unreasonable nature of Christianity, that its claims are "untestable".

This is exactly correct. It is precisely the claim of Christianity that by no act of your reason or will on your own can you decide to "become" Christian. It takes God, via the Holy Spirit, entering into your heart in order to do the "trick". You should of course "test" the claims Christianity makes about the nature of the human heart.

That's all for this post.