Thursday, November 4

What was missing Tuesday night

The internet didn't come through for us.

Let's face it, anyone blogging or hunting for information which the MSM networks were letting out at a distressingly slow pace didn't find much more on the internet. Here's what we need to do in the next 4 years. Let's realize that the human eye can integrate data very well if presented visually. So, here's a description of the app which was missing.

A Java applet, data distributed via XML feed from a central server.
Draw a map of the US, give an option to scale states sizes by electoral votes. When you click on a state, you get a map with counties. Again, option to scale by expected registered votes (correct scaling sizes as actual returns come in). Finally, clicking on counties zooms to precincts (with the same scaling option). With this, everyone on the internet will have as much or more information as the networks. Hell, the network could supply the app, toss in an advertisement scrolling widget, and pay for its development.