Tuesday, December 21

Hell Freezing Over, or Waiting for Real Education Reform

It seems to me, judging the vast political influence I wield since I am now a blogger, I will be waiting until certain diabolical regions freeze solid before my ideas for education reform are enacted. Those reforms were discussed here in detail, but in brief, I called for four things, a canon of texts read by all, freeing up the curriculum only require the canon of texts mentioned and sufficient skill in English and mathematics so as to survive in our modern world, and finally test and verify improvement and competence only in what I termed the "four pillars of education", which essentially boil down to skill in learning. So what is a parent to do? I know how to fix education, but am powerless to help my children with respect to their own education, without abandoning my craft and devoting my life to teaching them.

But I am not entirely powerless. The four pillars of education I have identified are:
  • Reason
  • Diligence
  • Memory
  • Perseverance
A person with these skills is a good learner. The better a person perfects these skills the better prepared for school and life he will be. A person who has improved in these areas, will learn better and faster. These skills can be encouraged by me out of school. I need not depend on the school system to provide them. I just have to devote some time and effort to a program which will improve those skills in myself, my sweet wife, and our children, after all, why leave the adults out? I think I smell a good New Years resolution.

More to come during the week on how I might accomplish this in the coming year.