Friday, December 17

On Merry Christmas

Mr Lileks (with Mr Reynolds agreeing) have both opined today about the increasing reactions to wishing our fellow travelers in space-time, Merry Christmas.

I don't know if I agree or disagree, but although most of my Christmas shopping has been done on-line, I was traveling this week. I have wished a Merry Christmas to a number of people I traveled alongside, gotten food from, and in general interacted with this week. Only one reacted oddly. The lady taking my payment for the parking at Midway Airport seemed genuinely surprised (and I might add pleased) to hear Merry Christmas from a weary traveler. Her surprise indicates, perhaps it was not what she was hearing in any measure. Perhaps the PC/secular/diversity push to stamp out Christ from Christmas is mostly at a high level big corporation decision level. People haven't had a big sea change in their beliefs in the last few years. Just the knuckleheads making the big diversity decisions at the high levels. My prediction, is that this too will pass. The pendulum will swing back.