Wednesday, December 29

Quick Post Tonight

Well, again it's another busy vacation day. My hope is that blogging and (blog viewing) is light all over and things will get back into swing next week. Anyhow, if you want to hear a few comments about my day, click the "more" link, otherwise, I'll try to write something more substantial tomorrow.
  • Trains worked like they're supposed to today.
  • We first visited the new Native American Heritage Museum. I don't know if it was negative influence of following a 8 year old around, or the oppressive (large) crowds, but I was not impressed. I'll write about that more in the next day or so.
  • The Air and Space Museum was a hit with the kids. Big planes, rockets, lunar rocks, and all that work just as well as dinosaurs on the kid in all of us (even little girls).
  • Tomorrow I get my big museum prize. We're going to the new air and space museum and seeing a real live blackbird!! (That would be the SR-71 for those less geeky than myself). I really do hope my girls like it half as much as I will.
  • Leg 3 of our 4 leg trip is tomorrow. We hoof it off to the Pittsburg area to visit with an old college chum.