Saturday, January 15

Alcohol and the College Years

I went to college in the 80's, and if you include grad. school that would mean be all of the 80's. It is my understanding that binge drinking by college age kids is no better, if not worse than it was when I was in school. My personal alcohol consumption I'll admit certainly did on occasion run into that described as the "binge" variety. However, now that I've reached that pinnacle of achievement known as fatherhood, the question arises, how do I best prepare my children to reach that desirable goal of becoming a responsible drinker. To prepare them so they are less likely get into serious trouble related to alcohol later in life.

Anyhow, in our household there are two competing theories. The first is that we should stress the dangers of alcohol, keep it from them, and shelter them until they reach a more mature age. The second is that we should demonstrate by our actions and practices what responsible drinking looks like and allow them to participate (give them a shot glass of wine when we have our glass of wine with dinner for example).

Any thoughts?