Thursday, January 13

Getting Back on Track

Well, looking over the last few dozen posts or so, I've been weighted a little heavily on the "Current Events" side and not so much on the Christian side. So, in light of that, tonight I'm going to start a new book project. I've been reading N.T. Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God (JVG). I'm almost two thirds into it, but I realized that the effort of writing essays on what I read is too valuable (based on my experiences with Romans and the Confessions). To be honest the value gained is largely mine, that is I get a keener understanding of what I read if I'm forced to write coherently about what I read. So without further ado, I'm going to restart my reading of JVG and start writing essays about what I read. As a word of encouragement to the non-Christian readers out there, ... Mr Wright's book takes the story and writings of Jesus and examines them with a highly critical eye. He employs some of the latest historical techniques (Critical Realism) to re-appraise the historical record and determine what happened, was said (and why), and the meaning behind those historic events of the 1st century. I would entreat you not to disengage at the sound of the word Christian or Jesus, and I would be interested in your take as well.

On the other hand, prior to the holiday's I'd been blogging my way through Paul's Epistles. I think, I will continue to read them, but not blog about what I read unless run into something that needs "my attention" (or an essay).