Thursday, January 6

Making My Point For Me

Now I usually make it a point not to provide links for guys like Mr Reynolds, as if he needs more traffic, but he links to today makes a point I was stressing earlier last month. Mr Reynolds reports: "SCHWARZENEGGER AIMS HIGH:

(From the NYTimes) In his annual State of the State address on Wednesday night, the governor called on the Democratic-controlled Legislature to enact a fundamental overhaul that would include that most sacred of political cows, the way Congressional and legislative districts are drawn. . . .

Mr. Schwarzenegger, a Republican, noted that of the 153 seats in the California Congressional delegation and Legislature that were on the ballot in November, not one changed party hands.

'What kind of a democracy is that?' he asked in his address.

'The current system is rigged to benefit the interests of those in office and not those who put them there,' he said. 'We must reform it.'

You know, it really is too bad that he's not eligible to run for President.
What I had tried to say in an earlier post is that the MSM (and more lately the bloggers) have more influence on who gets in office and who stays there than those in office and those voting. The MSM/blogger tendency to stampede and find fault wherever we might selects for office a certain type of person. However, reporting like Mr Reynolds (and perhaps the NYTimes) on Mr Shwarzenegger is the kind of thing we should emulate and support. That is to say, bring out and celebrate those politicians who act not for special and short term interests.