Thursday, February 24


In the distant past ... (December) ... I proposed that our educational system was on the wrong track. In those essays, I proposed a sweeping set of reforms for our K-12 educational industry. One of the changes proposed, was my "four pillars" of education, which are all we really need to work on in those years (besides a small "core" of skills we all need to master to survive). Those skills were
  • Reasoning
  • Memorization
  • Perseverance
  • Diligence
An article in this weeks Science News provides support for my hypothesis.

The article was entitles Asian Kid's IQ Lift. In this article it is observed that by dint of memorizing Chinese pictorial symbols in order to learn their language, the Chinese children benefit from a 5 point average increase in their measured IQ.

I'm going to have to redouble my efforts to get my children to practice memorizing stuff.

On a off-topic note, Science News is a very good little periodical. I've gotten it for years. I started back when I was in graduate school in Physics. At that time, I noticed that the physics articles that came out were by and large cutting edge (within a week or so of the journals). I assume that this is the case in all the other fields of science that they cover. Since it is virtually impossible to keep up to date in all of science, it is much easier to read the articles in Science News. It is written at a high school level and is very good about including references to the Journal articles from which it draws its information, so you can easily dig deeper if you so choose.