Monday, February 21

Visiting: A Ticking Time Blog

Today's visiting feature takes us to a ticking time blog, brought to us by (perhaps) Byron Harvey. A description of our author in the sidebar informs us that his title refers to "ticking people off, one blog at at a time". Recent posts which caught my eye include:
  • Just a Post Before I Go… Byron has gone on vacation, guest bloggers are filling in. His last post asks us,
    Here’s my question: how utterly bad, how meaningless, how banal must your life have become, for the marital status between two inconsequential people to interest you to the point of purchasing a magazine to read about it?
    As the Instapunudit says, "Indeed".
  • Lying about Lying about Social Security? fisking a discussion about Social Security.

I'm going to leave this blog in my list, to return to when the "master" is not on vacation, but in the meantime, Peace.