Tuesday, October 5

Dirty Tricks and Low Blows

It's much in the MSM and discussions these days that the "campaigns" are too dirty and don't talk "issues" enough. Advisors on the left push their people to get down and dirty. People with tin-foil hats wonder about the providence and timing of hurricanes and volcanoes. Respectable newsmen become rabid partisans.

You'd think we've all forgotten everything we learned in our high school civics classes. Hey y'all. Remember reading about the elections in "Early America". You think our tricks are dirty? Go check it out. Then reconsider the debates, the "dirty tricks" played by Mr Moore and the Swifties, the lies and innuendo. Them campaigners from the 1800's make us look like posers. Geesh, come on people we're being outdone by people who were brand new to this game. Hey nobody has accused anyone of being a child molester, a deranged felon, or a tax fraud. Nobody has come forward claiming to be the love child of any of our prospective suitors...err candidates.

Let's get cracking. We only have 4 weeks left. Let's see some real slander and defamation of character before the fat lady sings on November 2.