Sunday, October 17

Kerry is again "Damned with faint praise"

This time by the grey lady.

The Command Post - Op-Ed

The New York Times: We Do Not Endorse Bush
By Michele Catalano
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The New York Times endorses John Kerry for President.

Wait, that’s not right.

The New York Times does not endorse George Bush for President.

23 paragraphs in the NYT endorsement. Only three of those paragraphs detail why the NYT supports Kerry. The rest is an anti-Bush manifesto worthy of Democratic Underground.

You know if this Kerry fella gets elected. He is going to get absolutely nothing done. His mandate is going to be to "not be Bush". Well that covers a lot. Combine that with a Republican dominated congress and if you thought we had gridlock in the beltway before, oh baby, we ain't seen nothing yet.