Thursday, October 14

A nit to pick

During last nights debate the Senator from Massachusetts said the following (from Third Presidential Debate -- President Bush and Sen. John Kerry) :

"In addition, I'm going to double the number of Special Forces so that we can fight a more effective war on terror, with less pressure on the National Guard and Reserve. And what I would like to do is see the National Guard and Reserve be deployed differently here in our own country. There's much we can do with them with respect to homeland security. We ought to be doing that. And that would relieve an enormous amount of pressure. "

This is a little un-nerving. What he is saying in his genial obfuscating manner, is that he wants the National Guard supplementing our police force to guard our borders. This is exactly what we don't want. As a matter of policy it a really bad idea for our National Guard and Armed Forces policing our borders. This will get them mixed up and corrupted by influences of the drug trade. We want them sharp and ready to defend our borders, our overseas interests, and generally concentrating on their primary mission, which is being very lethal on the battlefield. This policy came up to question with regard to our "War on Drugs" a few decades ago, and was rightfully shot down for the stupid idea it was.

A side note: which I am unqualified to answer:

Presumably one must meet stringent qualifications for our Special Services. I don't know if Kerry believes just anyone from the pool of applicants can pass the muster, perhaps he does. I would think (hope) that it takes the right physical talents and psychological profile to pass the tests required to serve in our Special Forces. Thus the size of our special forces cannot be increased without limit without watering down quality. Perhaps it can double, but I think it behooves some experts out there in the armed services to verify that claim.