Thursday, October 14

Will it work

Well, the Dems are pulling out all the "dirty" trick stops they can. Here are some of the examples of which I've hears.
  • If it isn't storming Republican headquaters in Florida.
  • Firing shots at headquarters in Tennessee
  • Ripping up absentee ballots of the loyal opposition in Oregon (ERROR HERE)
  • There's the seeBS Rathergate scandal. It remains to be seen who the source of the forgeries is, and how connected to the Kerry campaign it goes.
  • Reporting from Afghanistan, that gee without a little sqabble about election there would be no news from here. As if the election itself wasn't great (and good) news.

Do they think that (a) the electorate is so stupid that this won't backfire, and (b) Will at any point will this make it more difficult for them to take the moral highground on any issue?

My guess (and hope) is the answer to (a) is it will backfire. And for (b) alas, I fear they have no shame.

Correction: The absentee ballot issue was from the other part. The reverse argument is just as a valid. However, I would hope (b) will not hold for "our" side.