Friday, November 19

Christian Dad's Movie Review:
SpongeBob Squarepants

Well, I have kids and I'd heard good things about SpongeBob so we went. I will also admit that while I've heard of many adults, who watch SpongeBob with their children, I don't have cable. Thus although my children have seen one or two episodes of Mr SpongeBob, I had not.

But I have mixed feelings about this movie. While there is nothing offensive that I noted so it certainly is safe viewing, it also offered nothing to chew on. The Incredibles let us ponder heroism. Bulletproof brought a host of other issues. SpongeBob is fun. SpongeBob alas is merely fun.

That being said, SpongeBob is very inventive. It keeps a manic pace up, and the characters are endearing. Mr Hasselhoff was a weird addition to the movie. However, the non-sequitur seems to be a recurring comic element in the SpongeBob repeater. As a comic method, the non-sequitur is often hit or miss. Some worked, like the initial pirate gags). Some didn't, like Mr Hasselhoff as a living jet-ski.

The final victory over the villain, Mr Plankton, was an unmotivated deus ex-machina, but again, the non-sequitur seems a theme so perhaps that is how it was motivated.