Sunday, November 28

A Point on Iraq

In Iraq, we have heard of hundreds of thousands of tons of explosives being destroyed. In Falluja in the wake of their offensive, the Marines have uncovered great caches of weapons and materiel. This is a points to a feature of the fracas that is not being talked about, in fact it is contrary to what the MSM/left believes. In our Revolutionary War, our forefathers struggled as poor colonists with a dearth of equipment, food, and supplies. In Iraq the insurgents, whom the MSM would like to paint as the revolutionaries when in fact they are the remnants of the Baathist regime (which is to say, the former oppressors), do not suffer the same fate. They do not lack for arms and materiel. They lack for men. What does this mean? This means, they lack recruits to their side. It is gospel for those in opposition of this war, that Iraq is a "breeding ground" for our opposition in the Global Effort against Terror. If they can't recruit, this is a sign their cause is not quite as inspiring as the detractors of our efforts would like to believe.

This is good news for the good guys (as a reminder to liberal readers looking in on my blog, that would be us).

That's all.