Friday, December 10

Advent Devotions: Week 2 Friday

The readings given for today are: Psalm 1, Isaiah 48: 17-19, and Matthew 11:16-19.

The Advent season for many people is a very busy time of year. Our family has three birthdays to celebrate, presents to get for others, trips to plan, trees to trim with decorations, and all that in the midst of our very busy lives. Jesus is chiding the people of Israel for not hearing his and John the Baptist's message. Almost certainly one reason is that in order to listening they would have to stop. Stopping the rush of everyday life and the struggle to make a living and to find their way in the wide world. So let's make a promise for the next few weeks as Advent comes. Promise yourself to take 10 minutes out of your busy day each day. Reflect on the music that God is playing. Think about the dances and dirges that play in the background. In that time, reflect on the music that God played for us on the Easter morning so long ago, on the eighth day of Creation when the world was made anew.

Let us pray:

Lord, sing for us a new song today and every day. Let us not drown your symphony out with the sound of our little chatter and help us to be quite enough to hear Your message. In Jesus name we pray,