Saturday, December 11

Advent Devotions: Week 2 Saturday

The readings given for today are: Sirach 48:1-11, Psalm 80:1-3,14-18, and Matthew 17:9-13.

We're going to try something different tonight. Last night we talked about how the people of Israel didn't hear what Jesus and John the Baptist were saying. A big reason for this is that they expected something different. If you expect to hear a large military display and see a lone preacher wandering around preaching and healing. You might listen overmuch because he isn't who you are really waiting for. The other reason, which I talked about last night, was that they probably were just to busy with their frantic lives to stop and listen. So tonight we're going to stop for a little while and listen. Listen and think about what Jesus wants us to do. Now let us pause to reflect for a few minutes.

Let us pray:

Jesus, we thank You for filling our hearts with the joy of Your creation. Help us to keep a right spirit as we prepare to celebrate Your birth.