Thursday, December 30

An Odd Impression

I'm not a priest and I don't wear a collar, so I've been pretty insulated from the impressions of the public of Christianity. Yesterday in the Native American Heritage Museum there was an exhibit on the Christian influence on the Native American culture (apparently 80% of today's Native American's are Christian). In the display was a crucifix. I overheard a mom explaining to her kid what that was!?

Now, that would not be unusual if the kid wasn't about 12-14 years old. You'd think a kid would have to grow up with his head in the sand in America to not know what a crucifix represented. But perhaps other reason he didn't know what a crucifix represented was that his mother had shielded him. Because while I can't remember her unflattering choice of words she chose to use in describing Christianity I clearly recall the venom in her tone as she related the "message of the cross" to her kid.

Anyhow, I knew that many blue staters didn't think well of Christians, but I wasn't aware that many of them hated us. I would hope it is backlash from a bitter election, but I fear that is more likely not the case.

I guess the real message is that we Christians must do better to spread our message of love, and occasionally use words.