Tuesday, January 11

A Call for Parish Bloggers

Jollyblogger today has an excellent post on parish Web sites and/or blogging. I think he makes some very good posts, but perhaps to stress one thing he said but obliquely. A parish web presence is important. But perhaps more important than the evangelism served by the web page, a parish blog could serve a more important purpose. A collective blog with a large minority (majority?) of internet enabled parishioners posting and commenting actively would almost certainly help build community especially in today's world, as well as be exciting and fun. E-mail and blogs could replace calling trees, setup prayer lists, post weekly schedules, provide a platform for parishioners to share the good and bad which comes their way, comment lists could form on theological discussion, and the blog can facilitate the internal communications needed in a healthy church.

This is a call to action. Christians who blog, should be setting up a blog for their church. In fact, given the high price of setting up a blog on blogger I'm going to start on this myself. I've just "created" a new blog for our parish. Sunday I'm going to try to kick start this and try to round up a list of contributors. We'll brainstorm during coffee hour about what sorts of things to start posting on and go from there.