Thursday, January 6

Considering the Memos (Part 1)

One of my frequent commenters Mr Moderate, has kindly forwarded images (pdf) of the two Gonzales memos. And while I have not as yet read them closely, one thing seems clear. These memo's were not authored by Mr Gonzales. They are the responses to (reasonable) requests for a legal opinion on how the Geneva Convention and US Codes impact the treatment of non-native (foreign) insurgents captured in Iraq. So whatever the findings might be, I don't see how that might impact our impressions of Mr Gonzales. The only action Mr Gonzales played was in requesting that a legal opinion on these matters be researched. I might ask myself the same question, that is how might Christian ethics view these two issues?

Mr Moderate is concerned about the impact of the results of the findings on his civil liberties. It seems to me at the outset no matter what the finding of the memo is that there would be none. Neither He, I, anyone either of us knows, or in fact I would surmise any of my gentle readers are likely to be caught by our forces in Iraq and construed to be part of or to be assisting the insurgency. I will read the memo's in more detail tonight and try to pen an essay concerning their findings by tomorrow at the latest.