Wednesday, January 12

Next Weeks Educational Supplements

Well, over Christmas I decided that since my educational reform package wasn't going to be adopted any time soon, I've decided to try supplementing their education a little at home. I said I'd give myself a two weeks to think about how to start before getting going. My time is running out.

So what are we going to do next week. First off, part of my thesis is that subject matter is not important. I let each of my family members pick their own topics for study. During the drive home from the East Coast at the end of Christmas break, I asked them to consider what they would like to study in their extra-curricular studies. I got a surprising set of responses.
  • My 8 year old daughter wants to study Calligraphy and Greek.
  • My 10 year old daughter wants to study Needlework and Greek
  • Mrs Pseudo-Polymath is willing to study the New Testament and Calligraphy.
  • And to make things easier, I'm going to study the New Testament and Greek.
This program of study will be somewhat challenging in the near term because neither my wife or myself currently have any expertise in these subjects. However recall, that the underlying goals is not to actually learn these topics, that will be a by product. My goals is to design exercises based on these topics with the goal of enhancing or increasing our skill at reasoning, diligence, memorization, and perseverance. I will do my best to keep the subject matter in the fields of study which were requested. We are going to start by spending two or three 50-90 minute sessions per week on our studies. Monday we begin. I have until then to come up with my first "lesson plan".