Monday, January 24

A Missed Opportunity

Wretchard at Belmont Club as a long thoughtful post on the current efforts with regards Islam, freedom, and the implications of the inaugural address. He makes some very insightful points, which indicate that perhaps the direction of American foreign will have an important shift in the coming years. He concludes:
Actual foreign policy is unlikely to be formed in such absolutist terms. The usual considerations of national security and commercial gain will probably play a large part in concrete decision making. But unless the 'proclamation of liberty throughout all the world' is wholly rhetorical, it undoubtedly represents a step into uncharted paths.
This issue does not naturally (as I see it) fall on a purely left/right ideological divide and represents an issue which should be pondered and debated. I plan to return his essay in a future post and try to digest what is being said more fully in a future essay of my own.