Thursday, January 20


Joe Carter today in his "outtakes" (Meet Your Neighbor) had a great idea. Using his new blogroll "The Church Directory" he created/sponsored, his idea was visiting day by day, one of the bloggers in the list. Then write a summary of his impression on viewing their blog possibly having visited for the first time. Praising it's good points, welcome it into the fold, and so on. Anyhow, I've taken his advice to heart. I'm going to visit one of these blogs as well each day (in random order) and write about what if find. Today, I visit hosted by Brad Mills, a blog about:
What's On the Menu: God, Family, Fresno, Politics, News, yada, yada, yada..
Mr Mills last posts were
  • Amber Frey book signing in Fresno
    Instead of trying to gain some privacy again, Amber has accepted her instant-celebrity status and taken it to the next level. She has been traveling around the country talking to anyone willing to televise an interview with her. Some question her motives, and wonder if she isn't taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. I believe Amber was caught in a catch-22. It isn't appropriate to expect her to disappear. Anyone placed in her shoes would likely do the same thing with this opportunity. My question for Amber is...How much of the books proceeds will be going to the Laci Peterson Fund?
  • Re-circulation of an excellent prayer
  • The Iraqis want to vote among other points (and pictures!) Mr Mills gives us
    "For us, right now, this is like a new birthday," said Ali Alhachem of Dearborn. "And we say thank you very much for the USA people, thank you very much for the USA government, thank you very much President Bush."