Saturday, January 22

Visiting: Damascus Road

On with Meet Your Neighbors inspired by the MYN series on Evangelical Outpost, or on this blog, my "visiting" series. Today we go off to Damascus Road brought to all and sundry on the Internet by Guy Cannon (the surname may be wrong, but that's the e-mail address on the front page). A beautiful layout on the header page for a blog, IMHO. Notable recent entries:
  • Jim His son Jim is seriously ill. Mr Cannon updates us on his status, and asks that we remember him in our prayers.
  • War On Terror is a post asking a question posed to the critics of the War on Terror,
    Will you, ummm….can you, offer one, just one, constructive alternative to the Bush policy as it exists today? Oh, and before you repeat the mantra that there is no policy, let me remind you of two very salient facts: First, to insist that we are at war with only Iraq, is to completely miss the point. The current conflict we are engaged in is not just a “war against Iraq". It is only one front in the ongoing global war against terror.
    I've asked that question here on this blog. I'm afraid, there us usually no response.
  • Love From Psalm 103: 8-14 Mr Cannon offers a reflection
    When I look back over the course of my life, I am so grateful for the attributes of the Lord that are expressed in the above passage. Where would my relationship with the Lord be if these verses from Psalm 103 were not true? I would be alone and alienated from the creator of the universe. ...
    and prayer
    Father, thank you for your love. Thank you that you took the form of man, came to earth, and willingly suffered the punishment that I so justly deserve. Thank you for your redemptive work on the cross. Thank you, that because of that work and my acceptance of you as Savior, I am promised a life eternal with you. Most especially, thank you that the same redemption is available to all those that call upon your name.