Monday, January 17

The Mythical Better Plan

Well the latest installment of "Good News from Iraq" by Mr Chrenkoff is out (here). He notes that of course this is neither all the news from Iraq, but just that the MSM just seems to think their job is to bring us only the bad news, and either to bury the good news in a backpage, or ignore it all together. He (and I) admit there is bad news, but would like to remind all and sundry that it is not by any means all bad.

Furthermore, as is policy on my little blog, I'd like to remind the critics of the war in Iraq, that criticism is all well and sometimes fun, but always should be accompanied by constructive advice on how to proceed. So I'll open the floor to my liberal commenters. I'll lay the groundrules for this. Let's not rewind the clock. GWB's second term is just starting. Let's look forward. You all seem to think GWB is screwing up. Give him your best advice as what to do going forward. What should he be doing now. Don't hire and fire people, just set strategy and policy with regards to the War on Terror, Islamic fascism, and Iraq.