Tuesday, January 25

Visiting: The Grey Shadow

On with our visiting series. Today we visit The Grey Shadow, which I must say has a very cool name for a blog. The Grey Shadow is hosted by Eduardo from Asunción, Paraguay, Eduardo is currently on vacation and some of his friends are keeping up with the posting. Some recent posts that caught my eye include:
  • Summer Movies Galore: K-19: The Widowmaker which I must say as a movie review, puts my "Christian Dad's Movie Reviews" to shame. A long summary of the plot followed with a discussion developing issues brought up by the movie from a thematic and Christian point of view.
  • The Myth of Self-Esteem Here Josiah Ritchie (the poster) tells us
    One of the majorly destructive myths of US culture is that self-esteem needs to be built up to a healthy level. There are a few things patently wrong with this. Mostly, it leaves God out of the picture by assuming that we have the ability to do things in and of ourselves. Some Christian psychologists seem to re-define the term to fit a biblical view. This also bothers me because it results in misconceptions and smooths the path to acceptance of similary termed secular ideas, not to mention that I think they usually hit the middle rather than defaulting to a purely biblical viewpoint on the issue.
  • "Tron" or Windows vs. GNU/Linux Another movie review, this by a guest poster. Mr Ritchie draws an analogy between the villain of the movie (the "MCP") and Windows.
  • Why I blog in English As a native speaker of Spanish, Eduardo was asked why he blogs in English. His third reason is important:
    I blog in English because I would like to be a bridge. I’m sick and tired of reading that the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon cultures are different, divergent and in opposition. My position is that the greater Hispanic cultural complex (and note that I do not refer myself to Latino culture in the U.S., which is a subset of the latter) is in fact another expression of Western civilization, so we share a lot more than the things that obviously keep us apart. I take strong exception to everyone who would classify us Hispanics as non-Westerners.