Monday, January 31

Visiting: Revenge of Mr Dumpling

After a hiatus on the weekend, we resume our Visiting series. Today we visit Revenge of Mr Dumpling who remains anonymous, but consists of the wild and meandering ravings of a 20-something Christian. Some recent (notable) posts of interest:
  • VOX APOLOGIA III: EUTHANASIA Mr Dumpling hosted the last Vox Apologia, the carnival for Christian apologetics. Alas, I had meant to write an essay for this, but didn't get around to it. However, that shouldn't prevent you (or me) from going and visiting the excellent posts in this series.
  • KNOW THY NEIGHBOUR II Mr Dumpling (also undoubtedly inspired by Joe Carter) is doing the same Meet your neighbor/visiting series as am I. In this post, he visits Amy's Humble Musings.
  • THE DISCERNING CHRISTIAN'S GUIDE TO FANTASY AND SCI FI : PART I The Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre is a wonderful venue for exploring moral and ethical questions. However rarely do they touch on explicitly Christian themes. In this review he looks at The Mote in God's Eye. For the Christian this book is a rarity in the sci-fi genre in which Christianity is not viewed as a prehistoric appendix on society but as a vital part of our future society.