Sunday, January 30

We Foolish Proud Americans

In our past election record setting turnouts were seen, 60%. The Iraqis topped that against the threat of RPG, mortars, suicide bombers even the crippled and blind walked to the polling places to vote. Hugh Hewitt announces that 70% turnout was seen. That is astounding. In America we have said that the election results showed 48% for Kerry, 51% for GW, but that misses out on the 40% that didn't even show up. 28% for Kerry, 31% for GW doesn't quite have the same appeal. Who were they those missing voters for? Did the fact that even more of our electorate didn't show up to the polls mean that our election was "invalid"?

If you hear any reports "invalidating" the Iraqi election because of low voter turnout, remember that it is higher than it ever was (certainly in the modern era) in America. If you hear that bandied about in casual conversation, ask them what they think of our voter turnout. If they opine, that the Iraqi turnout was high because they see that as how to get the US forces off their soil, point out that is a good thing, for we share the same goal.

Update: The 70% figure was an early optimistic estamate. 60% seems more likely.