Friday, January 28

Visiting: Feeble Knees

Today as part of the visiting series, we come to Feeble Knees our host hails from somewhere in Massachusetts, but chooses to remain anonymous. Some recent posts include:
  • The Postcard a long essay on visiting a "friendly" church as opposed to the "legalistic" one she now attends. If this story be true, I would think it wise to be visiting more churches.
  • Almost One of 43 Million Ms Knees writes,
    Thirty three years ago I narrowly avoided becoming a part of that statistic. My parents already had "enough" kids. I was one too many. Though they had been using contraception, I still somehow came to be. In a rather characteristic way, I stubbornly refused to be dispatched by the IUD, even when it was roughly removed by my mother's OBGYN during an office visit. The news of my survival did not fill them with awe or joy, but rather conflict and dread. They began making plans to travel to another state to have me aborted.
    Read the rest.
  • Now Playing I leave you with an essay which reminds us that all is not crap on the radio dial. Read it.