Monday, February 21

Dodging Denial

Dodging association and repudiating questionable statements made by allies seems to be the rage these days. From moderate Muslims not distancing themselves vehemently from their extremest brethren, Democratic congressmen not distancing themselves from the leftist "moonbat" conspiracy theories, to GOP leaders not repudiating extremists in their own camp. Why all the dodging? Especially by the Democratic and GOP?

Now it may be that those politicians are fearful of losing their support base. But to me seems a little spurious. It's not like a GOP politician is going to lose any support by distancing himself from say the foaming-at-the-mouth anti-Gay crowd. Let's face it, who might those individuals ally themselves with instead, the Left? Similarly, for the left, for Democratic leaders to repudiate the Bush=Hitler or America=Evil crowd, what would be the cost. Do you expect the MoveOn crowd, being spurned by a Democrat, to turn to the GOP for shelter.