Tuesday, February 1

Visiting: Darn Floor

Today's visiting feature takes us to (the) Darn Floor brought to us by Drew. Drew started blogging about the same time I did. The theme of his blog is Like spit to a spittoon -- The Anchoress, which is a little too obscure for me to decipher. At any rate, his recent posts include:
  • A modern parable in which he retells the story of the Iraqi elections in the context of Matthew 22:1-14. Very nicely done.
  • Old Memes Never Die Here Drew quotes a NYTimes op-ed piece by Bob Herbert. Mr Herbert starts off sounding like he might actually come away from the Dark Side and praise the election, but the old dreadful, it's about the oil theme pops back up.
  • Geek moment Drew provides a scintillating review of the BattleStar Galactica series, making me regret my choice to abjure cable TV in our household. Ouch, but thanks for the review (maybe it'll come out on DVD) :).

Check it out.