Friday, February 25

Visiting: lawreligionculturereview

Today's visiting feature takes us to lawreligionculturereview which is authored by Richard J Radcliffe. The motto for this blog is Exploring the intersections of law, theology and ethics. Recent posts which caught my eye include:
  • Book Reviews, Part IV (Showtime). Mr Radcliffe reviews Tod Bolsinger's book Showtime. Mr Radcliffe draws our attention to the two main points of the book, and ends with mild criticism pointing out that while accessible it is somewhat "breezy and basic".
  • Movie Review: "Constantine". Mr Radcliffe provides a synopsis of the plot and ends with
    With respect to its permeating religiosity, I think most Christians will find it generally positive. In fact, there are intelligent distinctions drawn between saving belief and mere knowledge. In addition, the movie discusses whether salvation may be earned. As a constant theme, "Constantine" commits to a plane of existence that is not merely material.
    and a final grade of A-.

Peace, Richard.