Friday, October 8

Post Debate Thoughts II

First of all, what leaps into mind, was Kerry trying to tell a joke about the Red Sox. The audience and I didn't even realize it was a joke until he paused for a brief moment hoping (vainly) for a response. Getting none, he forged on. I got the impression he wasn't surprised. He must get that a lot. I get the impression he is the kind of guy that likes to laugh at jokes "on a stage", sort of self-consciously. Not a natural at humor, I guess. Humor, however, can give a lot of insight into a persons real character. An character, as we have learned, is really important in a president.

Mrs. Pseudo-Polymath was struck by Kerry's own admission that, "my running mate is a lawyer, and so am I". Neither of us knew that about Kerry before tonight. Well that completely screwed the pooch. Now, admittedly, we both know lawyers who are reasonable, nice, god-fearing people. But what the hey, there are too damn many of them, they make too damn much money, causing too damn much trouble for the rest of us.

I thought by far this was a more entertaining debate. Both candidates had actual energy and passion which was missing in the last one. Perhaps that was a Jim Lehrer effect. It worked for me. It made for a much more dramatic confrontation. Heaven knows, this election season's passions need to be fired up a notch, things were starting to get dull.

Kerry's points on Iraq (this week) are:
  • We should have proceeded more slowly.
  • We should have finished Afghanistan (perhaps he thinks we needed to finish the complete reconstruction?) Who knows. He didn't tell.
  • We needed to get France, Russia, the UN, and NATO on board before proceeding. I guess he hasn't heard that Saddam was bribing the big players in that pool not get on board. More likely he knows that, and hopes we don't.
  • As Joe Carter has pointed out, Who are these mythical allies anyhow. Perhaps he will get them from "elsewhere".
  • He thinks Saddam might have been toppled by sanctions. Hah! Again, he is hoping we haven't read recent the report indicating sanctions were beginning to fail.
  • At least he didn't push for summits.
He denies that his position is that al-Qaeda is the only enemy. It seems as a war candidate, historically he is a lot like General McClellan. To damn cautious to win a war. He could lose one just fine.

For some reason, without prompting, he went back to the anti-Nuclear BunkerBuster thing. His focus groups must have loved that. I wonder how that is playing with the middle of the road crowd. It didn't go over too well last time.

Bush for his part gave his message and didn't strike out. I was a little disappointed he didn't list any mistakes but I understand why not. He did correctly I think, interpret the questioners import in that she was wondering if he would call the war on Iraq a mistake.

On other fronts, I thought this was interesting, Christianity spreading in Iran? That's the way to defeat radical Islam, convert 'em.