Saturday, November 20

On the Falluja Marine/Slate/Insurgent Kerfuffle

This isn't exactly new news. But I thought I'd put my 2 cents in the ring.

  • There are consequences for actions. The al-Qaeda and Baathist extremists,

    1. use holy places to cache weapons

    2. don't wear uniforms

    3. booby trap their injured

    4. and behead and torture civilians (Iraqi and foreign)

    Guess what. When you do that, it gets harder for your wounded to be cared for and to surrender safely. Duh. And when you squeak about the Geneva Convention not being followed we'll just remind you, it doesn't apply to those how do the things in the above list.

  • The terrorist in question hadn't surrendered and was not a POW

  • The Corp is investigating and likely would have if the whole brouhaha hadn't erupted

  • The marine is a US soldier. Let's give him at least as much slack than we give the enemy. After all, we are all rooting for the same side here, but sometimes these media cretins just make you wonder.

  • Guess what, this is war. War is not pretty. War is not clean. War is not planned. War is not organized. War isn't scheduled. There is a saying, "War is Hell". Remember that.

That's all.