Monday, November 29

Still Stuck in the Mud

Well, I'm almost finished with blogging my way through Romans and still haven't answered one of my key questions for St. Paul. The question I have in mind is as a Gentile, what ethic must I follow as a Christian. Romans, I read, is one of the key texts for answering this question. I glossed a little over chapters 9-11 and I think I will have to return to it and the earlier chapters before I move on to the next Epistle. I don't have time to work through more tonight, so I'm just going to share a few random thoughts, you know, blog a little. :)

In my ignorance, I had asked the following of Christian ethics:
To do good, I must then love my neighbor. What then is love? For if by loving him, I must do what is good for my neighbor, then we are back to square one. For my nowhere have I been instructed as to what is good.
St. Paul in Romans gives a lot of careful instruction on Law (as given by the Torah) and its relationship to Christ, his message, the Jew and the Gentile.

So far I think that St. Paul has told me, that I as a Gentile am not bound by the law. But in being reborn in Christ, through my rebirth in the Spirit, am bound more firmly to the spirit if not the letter of that Law. But, as I said, I need to read it more carefully to decide if that is a good approximation.

Finally, I'm sorry that I'm light on blogging tonight, but Mrs Pseudo-Polymath and I set up our two little Pseudo-Polymath girls up with Tae kwan-do classes tonight and it took longer than we anticipated. They are quite enthusiastic and the instructors and environment seems very good. I think there will be some future blogs about the moral philosophy of Tae kwan-do and Christian ethics.

Blogging will be light tomorrow until the evening as well. I'll try to get a lunchtime post in, but I am going to be traveling downstate for the next two days. On the other hand, tomorrow night I have to put together my post for the Christian Carnival, so check back later on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to beat the "rush" ;-). Cut off is usually late Tuesday, so I'll have to have it done by then.

So now, on to the bike.